Meet The Staff

Interview with Harlem Underground's

Nilton De Menezes aka NDMA

Let the world know you are and what do you do?

Iā€™m a recording artist/ producer and song writer.

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Describe a real-life situation that inspired you

I normally write songs about people I know and situation I go through, specially break ups. 

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

I would be a diplomat, follow my parents foot steps.

What about Harlem  Restaurant that got you interested in working here?

I came to Harlem when I first moved to Toronto and I fell in love with the food and the vibe.

What is your favourite dish at Harlem and why?

My favourite meal is at Harlem is the Guinness Chicken and The Jerk Smoked BBQ.

What food/drink/song inspires you?

I Like making Portuguese food it reminds of home and keeps me grounded.

Would you recommend other artists getting involved with Harlem?

I definitely would. Carl and Ana are very supportive of the artist, Harlem features Artists every month and we have a Jazz bands twice a week.  If you are an artist this is the place for you. You always want to surround yourself with people with the same vision. Carl is always encouraging to keep pushing and work hard.

" The amount of time spent working and money for someone else should be the same amount of time you spend on your art."