Grandparents' Day Celebration - September 9th

Monday September 9th - Carl Cassell (of Harlem restaurants) and Chef Anthony Mair, and are donating their time and chef resources to a Grandparents' Day Celebration in Regent Park

Anthony and Carl will be preparing a special Soul Food menu (including a vegetarian soup and homemade bread) for two seniors homes. They're helping the co-organizers of the event, Sister Silvia Gonzalez and the manager of the TCHC, Arsema Berhane, another senior advocate.

The senior-friendly community building happens at the Toronto Community Housing’s senior residences, 155 Sherbourne Street and the William Dennison Apartments located at 310 Dundas St., East. At 155 Sherbourne there are 86 residents above the age of 59 and at 310 Dundas Street, East we have 169 residents above the age of 59

Both Anthony and Carl can tell you stories about family and about the role and/or loss of grandparents and how that impacts. Mostly, they have received teachings passed on from the seniors in their families, just like many of us. For this reason and many more, they want to give back. We're hoping we can make Monday an impromptu collective of people showing appreciation for all elders.

Sister Silvia who is coordinating this event can be reached at 416-700-8813 or

Read about Chef Anthony Mair at and visit Carl Cassell at