• Harlem Restaurant (map)
  • 67 Richmond Street East
  • Toronto, ON, M5C 1N9
  • Canada

Saturday October 10th 2015 (Thank Giving Long Weekend) We give thanks for "Dancehall & Soca in a all out battle in the DJ Booth & on the dance floor.

We have DJ Hotknife in charge of the SOCA and DJ Pleasure in charge of the DANCEHALL.
They will be battling it out with music from the 90`s - Present Day & they both KNOW there music & what they are doing on the turntables so the tracks are going to be SWEET!

You all need to come out & brush up on your music. Represent your type of sound. Is the SOCA masses going to "STORM" the function or is DANCEHALL going to RULE SUPREME?

Bring your flags & represent your place of origin.